My Two Favorite Things

I have traveled through deserts,
victoriously climbed.
Asked, looked, researched
every penny, every dime.
I have conquered lands and valleys,
spent my very last coin.
Desperately searched all the alleys.
No one was there to join.



Hopelessly lost in Kansas City
soaked by my own sweat.
Drowning in my self-pity,
Still, we had not met.

Allured by a faraway fiddle
prevailing winds withered, though
Instantly I began to giggle.
Without doubt, I knew where to go.

From Illinois down to Missouri
I knocked on every door.
Anxiously and in a hurry.
But, no, I did not score.

But, at a stroke, that fiddle again,
through shadowland came a song.
Deserts, valleys not in vain,
my intuition was not wrong.
Auspiciously, without the dice,
my faith I found in Blue Springs.
There they were, your eyes....
My two favorite things.

A Lunde Garden of Eden
Anderson's Lumberyard
copyright © 2004