Striking momentsts

There was a time and then no time at all
to tinker with far gone days.
To begin with there was no end,
no time to think about what lies ahead.

Such is ebb and flood of stop and go
there-within a flow of beginning to end.
Meanwhile many few of a few so many
paint mosaic memories so worthwhile.

Therewith-in lies the tell of time
within me and you a hell of a time.
A metamorphosis of striking bells
the pulse of hearts that take breaths away.

Time will tell those tolling domes
in an instant chime for now and then
In a swoop the large hand of time
will tip the penny head or tail.

Begin will turn to end on a dime
such will be the race between succeed and fail
There will be beginnings with no end
and shadows of no end in sigh.

As I am just a blip in the moment,
time has a striking resemblance of being just a moment too short.


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