Spinning in the Rain

Windmills, now the only flower
leftover among the weeds
Petals in the air
grinding no more seeds
just milling around the ingenuity fair.
Books where pages aren't turned
my index I scroll
A search for how butter is churned
while microwaves thaw my roll
Pedals in the sky
pretty day at spring
Wheels turning my mind upside down
Are you also asking why
the head of EPA looks like a clown?

The old mill by the creek
spinning in the air

the stream has turned too weak,,
blades of labor lying bare,

If only spinning in the rain
it could reduce toxic metals in the sky,
we all turning gray without pain -
no more monarchs would die
Windmills moving by the book
Does nobody have another plan?

Instead, I plant my ipad by the nearest brook,
scroll pages in the field and anticipate yet another FDA ban.


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