Worth more than a thousand doctors
- the snow falling on my face -
like a thousand and one Thank You cards
they arrive in a speechless pace

Oh, I've been so homesick for my worn-out sweater
Done singing in the rain and every other day's weather


Like doctors without boarders
flake by flake filling its parachute
Muffled blankets of heaven's flowers
putting the scrapings of snowplows
on worldwide mute

Like airborne brigades
they come to end all violence
dampening the clickety clacking
of horseshoes into puffy silence

Its now as white here as at an angels conference
piled up high on every child's wishlist
and on Daddy's garden fence


But by the last glow in the fireplace
hushed to die by morning hour
Dried up snowtears on my face
and the soggy soil swallows heaven's flour

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