Sappy New Year

  O' thou year that just passed
A complete puzzle you are
And puzzled we set out again

Onward slippery slopes of clean slates
Shall we encounter a simple honest promise
or thousands of cleverly dishonest ones.

Shall we meet here when two solstice passed
with dreams thawed to memories
with yet another hole in your bucket
and new feathers in your ten gallon hat

Wisely spoken words turned foolishness
Modesty ascended to triumph
Splendid ideas ripped off the calendar
Aspiring thoughts in the gutters

Pray the sick will endure
Hope the weak will presevere
May melancholy evaporate and
Trust the passions stand tall as August corn

Lucky the newborn
Without broken promises
Grateful the elderly
Only a few more to endure
Pity for the middle aged

Bordering another twelve moon dilemma
A small step for the fool
A giant leap for the wiser
Here's to imbibe the moment

  Snowy slopes of sentimentality
Bare tundra of reality
Soggy drinks of sour swamps
Here and everywhere a sappy new year.


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