A Priceless Princess

If I earned a dollar
for every thought of you
I wouldn't up to my collar
drown in bills overdue

If every touch of your hand
was a diamond worth
I could buy you a wonderland
beyond the horizon of the earth

If all of you was a flower
I would be the rain and soil
You wouldn't need any other power
I would be your food and oil.

If your beauty in words I told
Thousands of pages it would cover
And put to auction and sold
You would be a rich man's lover

Now, I am a simple lad
humming an amorous tune
The refrain is hopeful and glad
like a meadow in June

If you and I were together
playing like a girl and a boy
What could be any better
than thousands of dollars, diamonds,
and a flower of joy.














A Lunde Garden of Eden
Anderson's Lumberyard
copyright © 2004 swedishpoet.com