My Pillow

Tears on my pillow
What do they tell me,
Have I not traveled far,
Have I not seen the willows,
The purple sky afar,
Why then, tears on my pillow?

Do they bear sorrow or grief
Will they be here tomorrow,
Vanish in the dusk
Why is the prison so unfair
Why is my sorrow not brief?

Drops on my cheeks
Could we not cry together
You say, my soul leaks
I am an open jar
Come drink my tears

Water for the willows
Fill their soil with moist
I have but one lonely pillow
And very little trust
My tears will abate their thirst

Let us cry together
Let me be your jar
Let me be your pillow
In the days to come, yet afar
Let me on your pillow burst

From my tearful cheek
A willow will spring
When my soul is no longer weak
Together we can sing
No tears alone on my pillow
Willows will grow in my jar.



A Lunde Garden of Eden
Anderson's Lumberyard
copyright © 2004