in the ring of things

Here and there a puddle - a sentence at large
Somewhere a dripping stream damed up into a paragraph

Words pouring in over the windowsill, scratch-paper drowning on the floor
Outside a car-horn punctuating the conjunctive clause at hand

As from a clear sky a flash of lightening
conceiving a bright idea - burning it's signature on the page

The aftermath's gusty breeze swirling papers not unlike bumblebees
The payment drying patch by patch, meanwhile
the ink permeates the pen vs paper's boxing match.
It's getting darker and the thoughts are swarming in
like bumblebees on a pre-summer day


An unexpected rain is penetrating the stiffening air
and letters are dripping onto the page

It's around midnight and the jazz has just begun.
A steady rain is now formulating words,
yet incomprehensible for the master of the pen


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