By Infrequent Ways

I have traveled by
infrequent ways
Failing grace from bar to bar
In my journey feverishly
Counting my blessings
few and far

With snowdrifts
as my blankets
And sunshine as my shield
Lonesome nights and frequent days
By untraveled paths, and aimlessly.

Upon the milestones
in the fields
A companion in travel
I detect
Covering my step
and stride alone
Through no shadow has
led me home

With grande remords,
and in vain
I have unearthed
infrequent ways
Accompanied by elves
and canes

Dissolute, macabre and purposelessly
By less frequent roads
I pray
Unknown waters mirror me
As snowdrops melt
from within
I become the prey of thee

Failing, falling frequently.





A Lunde Garden of Eden
Anderson's Lumberyard
copyright © 2004