I’m a dumpsterboy with
pebbles in my pocket
Walking against the grain
Dirt, dust and rockets
I’m driving myself insane

My soul is a garbage can
My eyes,
hanging from their sockets
Trashed from joy
I dive in pain
Such is life of a dumpsterboy


Tins, cans, and boxes
I decorate my home
Raccoons, rats and foxes
No one else visits my dome
No one here to share my pain

My pebbles I shall sell
Empty is my pocket
I shall be your toy
God will be my master-key,
fill my dumpster and lock it.
Such is life for dumpsterboy


Such is life for you and I
Wasting away in the gutter
So has it been, so shall it be -
Falling short of glory and joy

A hyena is my only fan
I am bored, and he is alone
Such is life for trailer trash
Ain’t got no f-ing money
Gotta sell my soul for cash

A Lunde Garden of Eden
Anderson's Lumberyard
copyright © 2004 swedishpoet.com