The Prince in Disguise

A pretty prince disguised as a pauper
He posed in saggy shoes
Graceful stride and evangelically proper
His followers were as noble as their dues.

Over time and under circumstances
They strung their might and awe
To circumvent any possible chances
That his kingdom would shatter and fall

Throughout ages and around the globe
Another royal in foreign clothing
Pugnaciously draped in cape and robe
As the future came unfolding

Robbed by the emperor of cape & evil
Poor prince paid pretty price for his sandals
Shoeless, shortchanged upon his arrival
The city gate had never greeted any greater scandal

Meanwhile the mean and foreign royal
Tried on the emperor’s newest coats
His accomplished accomplice appearing so loyal
Harboring all pride before his vanguards and boats

Facing the crowd with a crow on his shoulder
Despising the poor prince's precious disguise
The emperor's new tale grew crueler and bolder
Only the pauper remained noble and wise.