A foxy lady stumbled upon a fox in the woods
All he wondered, if he fair and all
Disguised one day, like her, if he could
Brush branches fair-haired, slender and tall


With nail-tearing and envy glass-shattering looks
In luscious affectation of each one's own fur
Squirrels bouncing of the steam from hooks,
Earth shattering acorn-hail about to occur





In wind-breaking moments of awe and accolades
As if dusk condoned all Will-o'-the-wisps
Illuminated by her glimmering shoulder blades
He step out of his foxfire mist.


Among Kit-in-the-candlestick of foolish fire
His glowing fur forever immersed in hers
Mouthful of meanings measured in desire
As compatible interlopers, not unlike madams and sirs.

copyright © 2007